Techolympus welcomes you as a guest blogger on the http://www.techolympus.wordpress.com

>>Your Benefits with Techolympus.wordpress.com:

1. Create publicity of your name and website to our facebook, twitter and many more website related to our networks.

2. Get more traffic to your websites provided by techolympus.

3.Friendship with techolympus group forever.

>>Guidelines about post

1. Your post must be unique- not published anywhere else.

2. Article should be related to our websites theme like technology, tips and tricks, etc…

3. Number of words are not a limiting factors but try to write article with atleast 300 words per page with related image.

4. You agree that we can edit or make any changes (not affecting your link) before publishing your post.

>> Submitting your post

1. Your can directly submit your post by sending a mail to us on


2. Please send your article (Document files containing images) and also all images of your post separately please.

3. If you have any query about anything related to Guest Post feel free to Contact Us

Note: Please give a proper author bio which includes brief introduction about your website/blog. Email ID will not be published anywhere. You will receive an email regarding the status of your submission as early as possible.


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