The almighty of Phone world is back: Nokia Relaunches 3310 phone …

The Nokia 3310, once the world’s most beloved phone, will be resurrected as a low-cost alternative in the smartphone-era. It will be sold by Finnish start-up HMD Global, which acquired the Nokia brand name in 2016.


It’s nearly just like the smartphone revolution ne’er happened. Finnish complete Nokia, once the darling of the mobile world, can resurrect the iconic 3310 model, some seventeen years once the first was released.
Arto Nummela, the pinnacle of Finnish start-up HMD, announced the revamped classic phone on Sunday prior to the opening of the Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest mobile show, in metropolis. The firm can produce the phone as a part of a contract with Nokia.
“The phonephone can enable you to speak for twenty two hours, 10 times quite the first,” Nummela aforesaid. it’llconjointly bring back the popular “Snake” game.
The new 3310 can qualify as a so-called “feature-phone” that solely provides restricted net facilities, as opposed to a additional refined smartphone.
The original 3310 was launched in 2000 and oversubscribed nearly a hundred and twenty million units worldwide, creating it one in all the popular mobile phones of all time. it absolutely was phased move into 2005.
The revamped model can reportedly retail for forty nine euros ($51).

While 3310 may be limited in features, it comes with plenty of nostalgia value. HMD Global’s homage to the sturdy blue phone is part of its mission to relaunch the Nokia brand and draw consumers in towards HMD’s other new phone models.
In addition to the revamped 3310, HMD on Sunday also presented three new smartphones, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. All three models will run Google’s Android operating system and reportedly retail between 139 and 229 euros.
“HMD launched three new smartphones and an iconic mobile.” Thomas Husson, a mobile analyst at Forrester, said. “It is a way to create a halo effect around the other models by reviving talk about the Nokia brand.”
“This (the new 3310) is a new take, a bit fun and entertaining,” Nummela told the broadcaster, BBC. The new smartphones, he said, were “making a clear statement: we are driving the next chapter of Nokia.”
Nokia once reigned supreme as the world’s top mobile phone maker but found itself unable to respond to the rapid rise of smartphones, which saw it overtaken by rivals such as Samsung and Apple’s iPhone.
The Finnish company sold its entire handset business to Microsoft in 2014 before the Nokia brand name ultimately disappeared from the mobile phone market. However, last year HMD purchased Microsoft Mobile’s handset business and with it the right to use the Nokia brand name.
Nokia continues to exist as a leading telecoms equipment maker. Under its agreement with HMD, it will receive royalty payments for every mobile phone or tablet sold with its brand name.

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Google Duo Officially Launched…for Users.

One of the most awaited apps of android from Google is launched yesterday, Google Duo.The video chatting app that went on display by Google at their Developer conference on May 18,2016,is now launched for public . I have been using this app for two days now and the functioning of the app is superb. It is fast, easy to use and almost with no complications.To call, you can just tap on the face of the contact and they answer and you will have a one to one face video chat on.

First of all, how the duo works.It is available for both Android and iPhones. When you start the app ,it simply sign you up and then check for the phone number and send you the confirmation text .The whole process is very simple. No friend list to be maintained or separate accounts to be created.

The best part of the application is the simplicity of it.Though it comes with some flaws, does not support conference calling.You cannot call someone other than Phones.

The new feature in this application is the ‘Knock Knock’. When you receive a call on Android (it doesn’t work on the iPhone), your entire screen starts showing the live video from your caller before you even answer. It lets you see who’s calling — and lets the caller make funny faces to try to entice you to answer.Google’s promo video for Duo emphasizes it heavily:

Duo is the second of the two apps, Google announced at the Developer conference.Google Allo is the other app, we are all eagerly waiting for now.The messaging app that will change the way to message people.

Hangouts on the other hand will continue to exist, but with an Enterprise focus.

Duo does one-on-one video chat very well, which is what Google set out to make it do. The question now is whether or not that’s enough.

Download the Google Duo App Now:

Playstore: Google Duo

App Store: Google Duo

Virtual reality : Present and Future?

What is the current status of Virtual Reality on mobile? Where it’s heading in the future and what can ARM do to help us get there?

Where VR is now?

Virtual Reality isn’t new, individuals have been discussing it since the 90s, so why has the business never entirely taken off in the way we may anticipate? The brisk answer is that the innovation just hadn’t arrived. The equipment was restrictively costly and extremely massive and the illustrations abilities were excessively constrained, making it impossible to deliver a fruitful VR client experience – unless you consider movement ailment a win. Presently be that as it may, bring down cost equipment taking into account existing stages is changing the amusement, with portable stages offering console-like execution. That as well as existing cell phones as of now contain a number of the sensors VR requires, from gyros to accelerometers, opening up an entire universe of versatile VR potential outcome.


What’s next for VR?


Gaming is obviously a tremendous industry and a top of the line, immersive gamer experience can now be truly readily available. Versatile VR permits you to end up completely included in your picked amusement at home, work, or while attempting to get away from the repetitiveness of open transport; however that is not all VR can do. Looking into a college task can be an errand, yet what about in the event that you could visit the most applicable galleries or classes without leaving the residence? VR permits us to see displays in world class historical centers and exhibitions without a costly trek to London, Paris, or anyplace else. Shopping as well, isn’t the widely adored distraction, particularly around the Christmas surge. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary in the event that you could meander the walkways and analyze choices for your next auto, couch, TV or even match of shoes, without stumbling over pushchairs or being upsold by pushy aides? This is conceivable with the immense specialized advances in VR and it won’t be long before this is our standard method for working.

What we’re doing now

At occasions like VRTGO ARM as of late showed how incredible a portable VR experience can be with the Mali-based Samsung® Gear VR headset, a coordinated effort from Samsung Mobile and Oculus. The primary rendition depended on the Galaxy Note 4, with the second era now accessible for the Galaxy S6, both fueled by the Mali-T760. The Ice Cave Demo, including Geomerics Enlighten worldwide brightening in a joint effort with RealtimeUk; was effortlessly ported to VR on the Samsung Gear VR headset.

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Microsoft to re-enter the smartphone market with rumored “Surface Phone”

Microsoft is dreaming big with the surface phone. After the success of Lumia phones and recently launched its lumia 950 and 950 XL models. Microsoft is planning ,which seems to be rumored , to launch it’s another flagship model which will compete with the existing dominated market by Apple and Google.

Apple and Google have long dominated the smartphone market. However Microsoft’s CMO Chris Capossela hinted there is one-last likelihood for his company to steal some market share, and Microsoft will not blow it with its next device, the reported “Surface Phone.”

“I think we have to do more breakthrough work” to make Apple fans “pause before they buy their 17th iPhone,”  Capossela said on an episode of the “Windows Weekly” podcast.

Whatever kind this phone takes, it cannot return shortly enough: whereas Microsoft has had success with tablets and currently a laptop computer, the company’s smartphone market share could be a piffling third globally. the corporate wrote off billions of bucks from its acquisition of smartphone maker Nokia and phones running Microsoft’s Windows package haven’t been immense sellers.


Basically, Capossela says, the Microsoft Surface professional pill line succeeded by merging the laptop computer and pill into one device, providing the simplest of each worlds. Now, it has to build one thing therewith reasonably killer approach to productivity, simply on the phone facet.”

Previously, it had been rumored that Microsoft is giving the theoretical Surface Phone an ability to run full Windows software, not just apps from the Windows Store market. That might be at least a part of what Capossela was hinting at, too.

Still, while reports suggest it could come in the first half of next year, Capossela seems to indicate this next Microsoft phone could be a little ways off.

“To do something that I really think would compete,” Capossela says, “we need time to actually go build that.”

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